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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The Aero Experience YouTube Channel Hosts Sponsor Videos and More!

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience YouTube Channel contains videos from our nearly ten years of celebrating Midwest Aviation. These videos provide a concise look at the event or topic that was covered on our The Aero Experience blog page, giving the viewer a live view of the activities. We usually take video on site when we cover a story, and there is a considerable archive of raw video yet to be edited. We hope that you will check our channel regularly for new videos using the link provided on the right column of our blog page

The Aero Experience would like to salute our current sponsors by posting this selection of videos featuring their outstanding contributions to the success of Midwest Aviation. These priority videos are included in their sponsorship package, and we are proud to promote their products and services whenever possible. Their videos, and the others on our channel, can be easily located using our playlists.

Elite Aviation, Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Big River Aviation, St. Louis Downtown Airport

Gateway Jets, St. Louis Downtown Airport and Spirit of St. Louis Airport

Patrick McAlee Airshows - ExtremeFlight, Chicago, IL     

The Aero Experience thanks our sponsors, industry partners and our great audience for supporting our mission to promote Midwest Aviation. Included with the above sponsors are our new sponsor JetValues-Jeremy and our legacy sponsor Air Associates, both of whom have made valuable contributions to our growth in recent years. We still have a lot to post in December, and look forward to a another very rewarding year in 2020.

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