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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Citation CJ Line Brings Comfort and Efficiency to Business Jet Travel, Part 1

By Carmelo Turdo
Owning and operating a Cessna Citation jet should be a pleasant and rewarding experience, and having the right aircraft management company on your side is an essential way to make it happen. What could be better than arriving at your destination in your own jet, on your own time, ready to step out and get on with your day? The availability of more affordable and efficient aircraft makes this a great time to invest in the model of Cessna Citation that best fits your mission needs.

The Aero Experience begins a new series featuring the Cessna CitationJet (CJ) managed by St. Louis-based Gateway Jets. We recently met with Corey Tomczak, President of Gateway Jets, who gave us a tour of a CJ-series aircraft and walked us through the purchase process. We will post a new edition of this series weekly through August. 

Gateway Jets manages a range of popular business aircraft types, including several in the Cessna Citation line. In this four-part series, we will feature the CitationJet, an update to the classic Citation 500 series and one of eleven different sub-types in the Cessna 525 line. The CitationJet takes the best qualities of the Citation design and offers improvements in safety, efficiency and comfort. In today's market, the CitationJet is affordable jet transportation, especially when shared among several owners and professionally managed by Gateway Jets.

Gateway Jets now makes owning and operating the CitationJet a viable option for a growing number of individuals and businesses. During an initial consultation with the potential owner, the mission is defined and search for the perfect aircraft is launched. Gateway Jets facilitates the purchase and then manages the operation of the aircraft for the convenience of their clients. The jet will be clean, well-maintained and ready to fly with an experienced Gateway Jets crew as scheduled when the owner arrives at the airport. Flight operations are handled in the safest and most economical way, ensuring the best overall customer experience.

In Part Two of this series, Gateway Jets President Corey Tomczak will discuss the design features and performance capabilities of the CitationJet. Later editions will include more details about the purchase process for the CitationJet and other popular business aircraft types.

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