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Sunday, June 14, 2015

American Waco Club Flies Out to Aero Estates Airport in Nearby Belleville, IL (Part 1)

By Mark Nankivil
The American Waco Club continued its annual Fly-In activities Saturday by flying to Aero Estates Airport in nearby Belleville, IL for the traditional donut breakfast hosted by Waco owners, Mark and Elaine Harter.  The breakfast fly-out from Creve Coeur Airport in St. Louis County to Aero Estates has become a Midwest Aviation tradition, bringing together friends and acquaintances for a few hours of shop talk, social banter and great photo opportunities during arrivals and departures.  The Aero Experience was privileged to again be invited to the gathering this year, and we have a wealth of coverage.  We wish to thank Mark and Elaine Harter for hosting the Waco pilots again this year, and also to Ken Kellogg and the members of the former Scott Aero Club for inviting us to their annual lunch reunion held following the Waco departures.  

In the following sequence, we will feature several Wacos and a few other aircraft types of the same period that joined the gathering at Aero Estates:

Mark and Elaine Harter's Waco YKS-7

David and Jean Allen's Waco ASO


John Gerth's Waco UPF-7

John Ricciotti's one-of-a-kind Waco S3HD

Kevin Hogan's Waco UKC

Three Boeing (Stearman) basic trainers

Jeff Womack's Fairchild 24R-9

Other aircraft types were also part of the day's flying


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