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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Aero Experience Sponsorship Announcement: Patrick McAlee Airshows - ExtremeFlight - 2013-2016 Coverage

By Carmelo Turdo Aero Experience continues to celebrate the announcement of our sponsorship of Patrick McAlee Airshows - ExtremeFlight - with a look back on some of the previous event coverage from 2013-2016.  Our team met Patrick McAlee in the summer of 2013, and we have come to appreciate not only his piloting skills, but also his willingness to participate in other projects that contributed to our mission of promoting Midwest Aviation.  Here is another look at some of the events that have led us to join with the Patrick McAlee Airshows - ExtremeFlight team.

Fair St. Louis Air Show, July 2013

Patrick McAlee flew his Pitts S-1S the Blue Demon in the Midwest's largest airshow over the Mississippi River along with top national performers.  The St. Louis native gave a top-notch performance and interacted with the crowds at St. Louis Downtown Airport.    

Midwest Airport Fun Days, June 2014

Patrick McAlee was the aerobatic pilot representative at the 2014 Midwest Airport Fun Days held at the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum at St. Louis Downtown Airport.  He flew low smoke passes over the runway for the crowd and signed autographs near the Blue Demon at the museum.

Higher Education Channel TV Special, October 2014

Patrick McAlee participated in the HEC-TV Special, "Explore! Flying," representing both commercial and aerobatic flying.  He participated in a live discussion in the St. Louis studio and provided background materials to illustrate his flight experience.  See his segment at the link above.

Pre-Season Practice and Photo Session at Washington, MO Airport, March 2015

The Aero Experience spent a few days at Washington, MO Regional Airport, Patrick McAlee's home base, to get some pre-season promotional material.  While mostly cloudy, we did get some unique views of Patrick and the Blue Demon.  

Interview for Fly Now! The Movie at Washington, MO Regional Airport,  March 2015

Patrick McAlee is featured in Fly Now! The Movie, released in December 2015.  His segment included the interview pictured here and video from airshows and practice sessions.  The link above shows the segment and movie ordering information.

Airport Day for Alec Ingram, Pediatric Cancer Patient's First Flight and Tour, October 2016

Patrick McAlee contributed to a special flight experience for a local pediatric cancer patient, Alec Ingram, and his family at Washington, MO Regional Airport.  Alec received his first flight with the airport manager, a tour of the open hangars and a series of low smoke passes by Patrick.  Alec also received an ExtremeFlight T-shirt and autographs.  See the link above for details of the story.




The Aero Experience will soon rejoin Patrick McAlee during the winter aircraft preparation time before the 2017 season begins.  Check back often for our coverage of Patrick McAlee Airshows - ExtremeFlight throughout the coming year.

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