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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aviation Pioneer Carl "Chub" Wheeler Honored at His 100th Birthday

Carl "Chub" Wheeler was honored for a century of achievement in aviation at his 100th birthday party October 1.  He learned to fly at Curtiss-Steinberg Airport (later Parks Airport and now St. Louis Downtown Airport) in 1934, earned his private and transport licenses, operated a flight school, taught Army Air Corps pilots during World War II, managed the renamed Parks Airport in the 1950s, flew corporate DC-3s for Monsanto and the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and continued flying his vintage Fairchild 24 for years after "retirement." He still shares his unique perspective of St. Louis aviation in a style that leaves the listener with the feeling of having been there right along with him. Joining with his family and the St. Louis aviation community, The Aero Experience salutes Chub Wheeler!

Carl "Chub" Wheeler with some of the memorabilia at his 100th birthday party

"Chub" with friends Trent Duff (left) and Fred Roos

Pictorial storyboard of Chub's aviation career

Partial listing of achivements in Chub's first century of life

Chub is a Life Member of the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum

At 99, Chub flew copilot on EAA's Ford Trimotor

Chub is ready for takeoff yet again!

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