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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Greetings From Farmington: Sightings from the Hinterland

By Fred Harl
Recently, during the mild winter, some interesting aircraft were spotted in the Farmington and Washington Missouri airports.  80 miles south of St. Louis, Farmington Regional Airport was remodelled in 2009 and attracts local and transient air traffic.  Competitive fuel prices and local eateries make the stopover a pleasant experience.  Another place to find unique aircraft is Washington County Airport, home of EAA Chapter 1424.  Located about 75 miles south of St. Louis, Washington County Airport also supports a variety of aviation activity.  Here are some recent sightings:

Farmington, MO Regional Airport

A Zenith Aircraft CH-750 STOL and a CH-650B Zodiac stopped in for fuel recently on their way to Florida from the factory in Mexico, MO. 

Larry McCormick's 1946 GC-1B Swift at his Mac Air Hangar.

Washington County, MO Airport

Flying Flea under construction, recently featured in EAA's Light Plane World column.

Stanley Crocker's Hummel H-5 Ultra Cruiser doing a taxi test.

Chris Santschi's RV-8 in splashy paint job and nose art.

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