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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Guest Columnist: Paul Voorhees, President of EAA Chapter 64 and St. Louis Aerospace Institute Faculty Member

By Paul Voorhees
Guest Columnist: Paul Voorhees, President of EAA Chapter 64, St. Louis Aerospace Institute Faculty Member, A&P Mechanic, Pilot, St. Louis Aviation Advocate

My name is Paul Voorhees.  In 1986, I started my career as a Fantom Fixer in the last active duty squadron of RF-4B Phantom II jets in the Marine Corps, VMFP-3.  Since then, I earned my A&P and Private Pilot Certificates.  I have lived in eight different states, from coast to coast, but have put my roots here in St. Louis. I was recently given the honor of being elected President of EAA Chapter 64 based at St. Louis Downtown Airport (

It is my goal  to reach out to the various groups of aviation enthusiasts in the St. Louis metro area this year, and I plan to attend as many meetings of the other EAA chapters and any other aviation group in the area that will have me.  I am also an instructor at the St. Louis Aerospace Institute, teaching aircraft metal structures, precision measurement and blue print reading. Initially planned as a training program for prospective Boeing Company assembly workers, the program has gained additional partners and has blossomed into an aerospace production training center featuring these current hands-on courses: Mechanical Blueprint Reading, Basic Aerospace SMAR Training, Intermediate Aerospace SMAR Training, Aerospace Assembly: Electrical, Mechanical and Composites. A Certificate of Specialization in Skilled Trades Industrial Occupations Technology is available upon completion of required curriculum.  I also teach at Gateway S.T.E.M. School in their A&P program.  For more information about the St. Louis Aerospace Institute, please visit  

I would like to take this opportunity to get the word out about the exciting new workshops we are developing at the College. They are for anyone interested in building an airplane. They will cover blue print reading, fastener layout, aviation fastener installation, electrical and mechanical installations, safety wire techniques, and composite lay up and repairs. For more information on these workshops, please contact me at

St. Louis is a great aviation town with a rich history. I have not found a better group of "plane/wing nuts" then can be found here.  I feel that there are a vast amount of activities missed because the word didn't get out, which is why I am very thankful to The Aero Experience team for their efforts to promote Midwest aviation.  I like to joke that I can't afford a nice camera, so I have to take Carmelo with me. The truth is, I like Carmelo and what The Aero Experience does for the aviation community. 

I hope to see you all at an aviation event soon!

Be sure to visit the St. Louis Aerospace Institute Open House today from 1-4pm!

Editor's note: Thanks, Paul, for your (unsolicited) complements - you are a great friend of The Aero Experience.  

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