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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Air Associates of Missouri Provides Spirited Fun at Haunted Hangar

By Carmelo Turdo
Air Associates of Missouri, the premier St. Louis area Cessna Pilot Center, provided some spirited fun today at the annual Haunted Hangar open house event at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport facility.  Visitors were treated to aircraft displays from Cessna Aircraft Company: Citation Mustang, T182 Turbo Skylane, 162 Skycatcher and 172S Skyhawks used in daily training and aircraft rental.  Air Associates of Missouri staff were on hand throughout the hangar and ramp to serve up fun and games for kids and encouraging words to anyone interested in pursuing the dream of flight.  The Aero Experience was there to check out the costumes and the airplanes, and most of all to visit with our sponsor and the guests steadily streaming in during the event.  Special thanks to Air Associates of Missouri staff along with Roger Moore and Cessna's Andrew Castle and Curt Epp for their hospitality.

Air Associates of Missouri CFI Charlie Ford In the Citation Mustang

Cessna Pilot Curt Epp with the Citation Mustang

Roger Moore discusses his Hatz CB-1 biplane with visitors

Air Associates of Missouri Gen. Mgr. Lisa Lynch greets visitors


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