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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Partnership Announcement: The Aero Experience Joins With Aviation News Journal to Promote Community Engagement Activities

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience announces a new partnership with the publisher of Aviation News Journal to encourage the promotion of aviation through community engagement activities in cities and towns across the continent.  The partnership will join our like-minded media organizations in the celebration of aviation from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  Both media organizations are compatible in our outlook toward  sharing the value of aviation through participation in community engagement activities.  The current issue of Aviation News Journal, entitled "Ignite Your Dreams," contains a full-length article from The Aero Experience addressing the basics of community aviation activity planning.  The issue is also full of practical aviation skill-building features, with excellent graphic illustrations to make each point clear and memorable.  We encourage our audience to pick up the November/December issue of Aviation News Journal, and become a regular subscriber to this excellent publication.   

An excerpt from the article in the current issue of Aviation News Journal, written by Carmelo Turdo, Founder of The Aero Experience, is kindly provided by permission from the publisher:

Aviation News Journal; photo by Stuart Sanders

The principles of general event planning should be applied to community aviation events as well, with the specific needs of the industry applied.  In order to define and measure “success,” the answers to the What, Why, Where, Who, When, and How should be self-evident before even the draft of an event plan can be taken seriously.  Time lines for obtaining financial and logistical support are essential, and commitments from participants and support staff are needed early in the planning process.  

Aviation News Journal has been published since 1991 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The current Producer/Publisher/President, Elke Robinson, an active pilot herself, took over the business in 2011.  "We focus mainly in getting AVIATION to everyone - young and old - and believe Aviation is a skill to be learned by anyone," she told The Aero Experience.  She also stressed that Aviation News Journal features communities, human interest stories, flying schools and clubs, air shows and events, and the various categories of available aircraft.  You can keep up with her adventures by checking the Pacific Pilot.   

The Aero Experience looks forward to continued partnership with Aviation News Journal, and we encourage our audience to become subscribers to this issue or for the annual subscription of Aviation News Journal

We also encourage businesses who wish to reach audiences in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest and Canada to advertise with The Aero Experience and Aviation News Journal.  Advertising in our publications keeps your business in front of customers across North America, and will help us promote aviation to an ever growing audience.


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