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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Big River Aviation Has Busy Week Servicing a Variety of Aircraft

By Carmelo Turdo
Big River Aviation has been a beehive of activity in recent days as several more aircraft underwent annual inspections and related maintenance work at the company's facility at St. Louis Downtown Airport. As the spring weather slowly moves into the Midwest, general aviation pilots are scheduling more annual inspections and taking care of needed aircraft maintenance issues at Big River Aviation so they can get out and fly as soon as possible. In a recent story, The Aero Experience showed several aircraft completed and delivered, including a classic Cessna 172A and experimental RV-4. Also, a Piper Cub banner tow aircraft is in the process of being rebuilt and modified for use during the upcoming outdoor sports season. In recent days, more aircraft have begun or have completed their current maintenance service, including a Beechcraft H35 Bonanza, Piper Cherokee 180 and Ercoupe 415-E.  

The exterior of the stunning 1965 Piper Cherokee above was painted by owner Jeff Schroeder of Attitude Airbrushing in Springfield, IL. The aircraft was ferried from Grand Junction, CO to St. Louis in 2012, and registered to Schroeder in 2016. It had a very different look then, and the transformation is amazing. The interior is coming along as well, though not as quickly. You would not know it from these views!


During our visit this week, The Aero Experience accompanied Big River Aviation owner Paul Voorhees aboard the beautiful Cherokee on a short flight to St. Louis Regional Airport to pick up another aircraft due for some maintenance work - a classic 1957 H35 Bonanza. The Bonanza has exceptional climb and cruise performance!

Adding to the variety of aircraft serviced this week is this 1948 Ercoupe 415-E, a later model of this family of aircraft designed to be stall and spin proof partly due to the rigging of the rudders to the aileron and elevator controls. It is inherently easy and fun to fly, though the two-seat cockpit is very small. The aircraft is ideally suited to be flown by Jessica Cox (right), a licensed pilot who was born without arms. She flies it with her feet, utilizing the advantage of the Ercoupe's unique control configuration. The aircraft featured below is undergoing ground tests during its annual inspection. Other maintenance procedures, including canopy replacement, will be accomplished during its stay at Big River Aviation.

The Aero Experience will report periodically from Big River Aviation as they continue to grow as a Midwest aircraft maintenance and aviation service provider. Contact Big River Aviation today at this link for your aircraft maintenance and ADS-B installation needs. 

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