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Monday, May 13, 2019

Sponsor Appreciation: Elite Aviation Raises the Standards for Flight Training, Aircraft Maintenance and Community Involvement

Carmelo Turdo

The Aero Experience is proud to announce that Elite Aviation continues to be on our team as a sponsor and advertiser! Elite Aviation, based in the West Terminal of Spirit of St. Louis Airport, has established itself as the premier flight school and piston-engine maintenance center in the St. Louis area. Elite Aviation management and staff provide unparalleled quality of service and professionalism to their customers, raising the standard of service expected by the St. Louis aviation community in just their third year of operation.

Cessna Pilot Center Flight Training Program

Elite Aviation, an authorized Cessna Pilot Center, offers the most comprehensive, standardized flight training program in the St. Louis area while providing a personalized approach to learning. From the outset, a student and certified flight instructor work together to design a training plan that provides regular interaction along the path to obtaining a Private Pilot or higher level certificate or rating. Elite Aviation uses the Cessna Flight Training System on-line interactive learning curriculum. At all points along the training program, flight instructors integrate a variety of training tools and methods including: one-on-one ground school tutoring; flight training in late model Cessna Skyhawk aircraft using conventional and G1000 instrumentation; simulator training in the Elite RC1 and full-motion Redbird MCX programmable flight simulators; and periodic progress checks with other Elite Aviation flight instructors. 

From the beginning, Elite Aviation owner John Tipton and his team have built a "Culture of Success" within the business. Putting customer needs first is the key. "We want you to succeed," he told The Aero Experience. To accomplish that objective, he has assembled an experienced staff and employed industry best practices.  

The results of the Elite Aviation approach to flight training are evident by the number of students achieving their Private and advanced-level pilot certificates. Fleet flight hours are up over 40% year-over-year, and CFI hours have increased by 30%. The company-owned fleet continues to be the most modern and best maintained in the area, with new engines and avionics upgrades recently installed in several of the aircraft. Elite Aviation will never compromise on the quality of their flight training methods or fleet safety.

Elite Aviation's flight training assets include the Redbird MCX full-motion flight simulator. The Redbird MCX provides realistic flight training experience for a variety of scenarios and mission profiles. The MCX is especially useful for coaching a student through advanced concepts and maneuvers, when the CFI can pause the simulation and provide additional instruction, and of course for training during inclement weather. The MCX can be configured for single or twin-engine cockpit layouts and for virtually any geographic location in the U.S. 

Flight training is a continuous process, building on the skills and knowledge demonstrated at each level of achievement. Recurrent, instrument and complex aircraft training is available using the Elite Aviation fleet of Cessna 172 Skyhawks, flight simulators and the Piper Turbo Saratoga. Elite Aviation is ready to provide your flight training solution.

Elite Aviation has competitively priced flight training packages, but will not cut corners to be the least expensive or over-promise on student success. They will deliver high quality and comprehensive flight training that uses proven methods and the latest equipment. Having the best methods and equipment available is important, but it takes an excellent staff to make the system work. To that point Elite Aviation's John Tipton told The Aero Experience, "It's the people working with us. They believe we can make a difference."

Tipton shared that he carries the best qualities of his own pilot training through to his involvement with Elite Aviation. "I had a CFI that was very thorough, he wanted to be safe," he noted. "I want to share my experience with that level of pilot training." The end result is a combination of the highest caliber of instructors and latest equipment available for Elite Aviation customers.
A convenient service provided by Elite Aviation is FAA exam administration. Elite Aviation is a PSI Computer Aided Testing Service test center for Airman, A&P Mechanic and the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drone Knowledge Test exams. Contact Elite Aviation for new expanded test center hours.

Elite Aviation has the supplies you need to get started with training or to replace pilot gear you need for your next flight. Browse the in-house supply or call ahead to have the headset, charts or other necessary items when you need them.

The Elite Aviation fleet is also available for rental, and the aircraft are cared for by the Elite Aircraft Maintenance Service team. Contact Elite Aviation for availability.

Elite Aircraft Maintenance Service 

Elite Aviation provides comprehensive maintenance services for piston-engine aircraft at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport facility. The Elite service team performs and coordinates the work needed for inspections, airframe and powerplant repair, engine overhaul, avionics and ADS-B upgrades, oxygen service and preventive/seasonal maintenance so important for safe and legal operation of aircraft. Elite Aviation's experienced maintenance staff provides a higher-level of service that emphasizes quality-control and a "Done Right, the First Time" philosophy. Elite Aviation can also perform the pre-buy inspection on your next aircraft purchase. 

The customer relationship is of the utmost importance, and Elite Aviation stands behind the quality of their maintenance services. Elite Aviation's reputation for service excellence continues to spread, and additional A&P mechanics and inspectors are available to meet the growing demand. Some examples of the aircraft undergoing maintenance service at Elite Aviation are shown below.

Along with exceptional flight training and aircraft maintenance services, Elite Aviation assists in the aircraft acquisition process through Elite Approach. Owner John Tipton will lead committed buyers through the search, purchase and registration process for their new (or new to them) aircraft. Contract Elite Aviation for a consultation.

Serving the Community

Elite Aviation provides high-quality flight training, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, and other aviation support services as mentioned above. They also serve the aviation community and the public regularly by supporting youth and professional development programs in cooperation with other like-minded organizations. Elite Aviation has hosted the flight portion of youth summer camps sponsored by the St. Louis Science Center, Co-Sponsored Soar Into STEM with Wings of Hope, flown chronically ill children for the Flying Vikings Program, and sponsored FAA safety seminars. The 2018 monthly Elite Speaker Series that featured interactive presentations on aviation topics in cooperation with the local FAA Flight Standards District Office was well-attended. These programs will continue, with the first one of the year, "Flying Low and Fast - Is It Safe and Is It Legal," scheduled for May 23. 

Below are scenes from the FAAST Team aviation safety presentations:  

Elite Aviation flies St. Louis Science Center Flight Academy Campers:

Soar Into STEM flight planning, Redbird flight simulator and drones:


Flying Vikings provides uplifting experiences for disabled and chronically ill children in St. Louis:

Elite Aviation is preparing for their third annual Open House on June 1. As in previous years (illustrated below), the event will showcase the state-of-the-art flight training services offered by Elite Aviation (including the Redbird simulator and Discovery Flights) and also feature a display of new Textron Aviation (Cessna and Beechcraft) aircraft. Other local aircraft owners will fly in and show off their aircraft, from Experimentals to Warbirds. Expected display aircraft include Textron Aviation Skylane, Stationair and Baron; John Keich's Midget Mustang and John Murphy's SubSonex; Missouri Commemorative Air Force TBM Avenger; an Air Evac Life Team Long Ranger air ambulance; and a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. Women With Wings will have information about their programs and scholarships, and of course food for everyone! 


Special EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 Coverage Sponsored by Elite Aviation

The Aero Experience will provide year-round, team coverage of EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2019 thanks to the sponsorship of Elite Aviation! We will be in Oshkosh for 10 days, gathering one-of-a-kind aviation news and media that will be posted throughout the following year. The Aero Experience has become known as the media source for extended coverage of the nation's largest aviation event, and we will ensure that our audience is again well informed and entertained even through the winter months! More details coming soon!   

The Aero Experience thanks Elite Aviation for their many great contributions to Midwest Aviation and for joining our team as a sponsor and advertiser. We will highlight the services mentioned above in future stories, and we encourage our audience to contact Elite Aviation for your flight training and aviation services needs.

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