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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

FlightSafety International Holds Pilot Instructor Open House at St. Louis Learning Center Facility

By Carmelo Turdo International is actively seeking pilot instructors to train the next generation of  corporate and regional airline crews. Recruiting the area's best talent was the goal of Saturday's Pilot Instructor Open House at the St. Louis Learning Center. The facility, located near St. Louis Lambert International Airport, is the premier pilot training resource for the Embraer corporate and regional jet types as well as for the Bombardier CRJ series. The Aero Experience attended the event, and we present below our special coverage of the facility tour given to pilot instructor candidates.

The St. Louis Learning Center is the lead center for Embraer type training, oversees the management of the Cincinnati and Salt Lake City Centers, and regularly supports other FlightSafety International learning centers around the world. The St. Louis Learning Center also provides training in Dispatch, Corporate Scheduling, RSVM and aircraft maintenance for popular corporate and commercial aircraft.  

Our visit began with a reception in the lobby by Kimberly Nagel, Account Executive Manager, and our friend from her time working as Ideal Aviation's Office Manager at St. Louis Downtown Airport. She joined FlightSafety International last May and enjoys working at the St. Louis Learning Center. It was great to visit with her for a few minutes as she led the way to the third floor where we would later tour the pilot training classrooms and flight simulators.

We were also welcomed by the St. Louis Learning Center Manager, Alex Thurmond, and Angie Gremard, Assistant Center Manager/Regional Airline Relationship Manager. They both have more than twenty years service at FlightSafety International and will lead the St. Louis Learning Center into a new decade of pilot training excellence. Angie Gremard led our tour of the classroom, procedures trainer and flight simulators featured below.

Our classroom briefing was hosted by Mark Goede, Advanced Instructor on the Embraer aircraft types. He told the group that he enjoyed teaching both regional airline and corporate pilots. The company provides 6-12 months of training for new instructors and recurrent training thereafter. Instructors are prepared to be excellent teachers, as well as subject matter experts, before they receive their own class schedule.

Our next stop on the tour was the MATRIX Graphical Flight-Deck Simulator room. This system provides a realistic training environment that uses touch screens to activate cockpit controls and can be set up almost anywhere. It is part of the FlightSafety International training system that also includes the DeskTop Simulator and Integrated Courseware. The SIMVu debriefing system can be used to review each session, providing the student and instructor with an accurate assessment of progress and specific areas for improvement if needed. The Graphical Flight-Deck Simulator is an effective tool for preparing aircrews for the full-motion simulation training.

The final stop on our tour was the flight simulation area, housing the FS1000 Level-D
full-motion flight simulators. Built in Tulsa, OK, these electrically operated units are designed to highly precise standards of layout and performance. They allow significantly more room for instructors and observers along with state-of-the-art analysis tools. Aircrew at this stage of training spend 4-10 days obtaining check rides or type ratings. Shown are the Embraer 170/190 and Legacy 650 simulators. Here we see Manager of Flight Training Devices and Facilities, Kieth Otto, showing us the Embraer 170 simulator cockpit and various scenery profiles. Weather, including snow, and various destinations are available with the touch of a button. They are so realistic that the First Officer's first actual flight will be one with passengers.


This brief tour of the FlightSafety International St. Louis Learning Center barely begins to describe the flight training capabilities in this location, let alone the other facilities around the world.The Aero Experience thanks FlightSafety International for providing the opportunity to participate in the event and report on this great Midwest Aviation resource. Those interested in joining the FlightSafety pilot instructor team are invited to contact FlightSafety International for more information.

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