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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

World War II Veteran B-29 Bomber Pilot Dick Windler Is Flown in EAA's B-29 "Fifi" Over St. Louis

St. Louis' own B-29 veteran pilot Dick Windler, 90, flew in EAA's B-29 "Fifi" today around the St. Louis area.  Mr. Windler flew 35 missions over Japan in B-29s, and later delivered B-29s to the Korean theater.  He was interviewed by local Fox 2 News and was greeted by the crew.  After his ride, he quipped, "It was almost like the old days," even though he flew near the tail section rather than in the cockpit.  Here are some scenes from the flight:

EAA's B-29 "Fifi" Is Readied for Flight Today

WW II B-29 Combat Veteran Dick Windler Is Interviewed for Fox 2 News

WW II B-29 Combat Veteran Dick Windler and Today's B-29 Crew

EAA's B-29 "Fifi" Takes Off for the Early Morning Flight

EAA's B-29 "Fifi" Taxis Back to TAC Air St. Louis After the Flight

WW II B-29 Combat Veteran Dick Windler Exits the Aircraft After His Flight

WW II B-29 Combat Veteran Dick Windler Relives the Flight After Landing

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