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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sightings: U.S. Navy T-45C Goshawk Layover at St. Louis Downtown Airport

By Carmelo Turdo
A U.S. Navy T-45C Goshawk from TW-2 at NAS Kingsville, TX recently stopped at St. Louis Downtown Airport on a cross-country flight.  Once on the ground, the crew discovered a nitrogen leak in the right main landing gear that kept the aircraft grounded at the airport for nearly a week.  During that time, a contract maintenance crew repaired the aircraft, and it was flown back to Texas.  It is unusual to see a tactical military jet at the airport, although military helicopters visit on a regular basis.  Here are some views of the arrival and later departure of the T-45:



Unknown said...

Why did they land? I may have missed it. My Son was a fueling leader on a Carrier about twenty years ago. His Mother wanted to know what he did aboard ship. He replied," Fuel Jet Fighters!" "We have cold and hot fueling procedures." His mom asked the wrong question next. "What is hot fueling?"

Loved the look on her face..


Carmelo Turdo said...

Hi Jim,

The crew came in the previous Friday - the IP was a Parks alumni and planned the fuel stop at CPS. They shipped out the next day and a maint. team changed the nitro regulator and it was out back to TX.