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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Farmington Regional Airport Receives B-29 Display In Terminal Lobby

The Aero Experience Exclusive!

Chuck Sitzes (L) and Steve Jennings with the B-29
By Fred Harl

The Farmington Regional Airport received a 1/10 scale model of the B-29 City of Farmington for display in the terminal lobby last Friday. The model, made of wood and aluminum stripping, was begun by Mr. Todd Mecey and completed by Mr. Steve Jennings with assistance from Mr. Chuck Sitzes from Farmington Regional Airport. The actual aircraft, B-29A Superfortress s/n 42-94059, also known as Lonesome Polecat, saw service in World War II with the 330th Bomb Group on 28 missions over Japan from its base on Guam. The 330th Bomb Group designation "K" is prominently painted on the vertical tail, and the number 61 is the aircraft number (this aircraft was known as K-61, also marked on the outboard engine cowlings). One of the crew members, Flight Officer Cecil Hulsey, is from Farmington, MO and still lives in the area. A dedication in his honor is planned for May.
Here is exclusive coverage of the delivery and display of the B-29 City of Farmington at Farmington Regional Airport:

Update: Views of City of Farmington, June 2021


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