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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum Receives "Sun-Run" RF-101C Voodoo Print Collection

By Carmelo Turdo
The Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum received a collection of limited edition prints depicting the McDonnell Aircraft RF-101C Voodoo flown by then U.S. Air Force Captain Ray Schrecengost on "Operation Sun-Run," a successful bid to establish three transcontinental speed records.  The prints were presented Tuesday to the museum by Mr. Ed Miller (and Cynthia Schrecengost Miller, not present) and were immediately placed on display in the Jet and Space Age Gallery.  Captain (later Colonel) Schrecengost was the first crew to take off at 6:59am November 27, 1957 on his run from Los Angeles to New York and back to Los Angeles.  Altogether, six crewmen, four primary and two backup, were chosen from the 17th and 18th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadrons of the 363rd Tactical Reconnaissance Wing.  They broke three transcontinental speed records, using 26 aerial refueling hookups from the new Boeing KC-135 tankers to avoid landing for fuel along the way.  The prints can be viewed this weekend at the museum just in time for the 55th anniversary of the F-4 Phantom II first flight on May 27, 1958, six months after the "Operation Sun-Run" flights.  

Mr. Ed Miller Presents "Schreck's CIN MIN on the Sun-Run" by William S. Phillips

"Schreck's CIN MIN on the Sun-Run" is Number 13 of 15 proofs and signed by the artist

Letters from James S. McDonnell and National Aeronautic Association verify the records
"Operation Sun-Run" display in the Museum's Jet and Space Gallery

Museum President Mark Nankivil holds "Parade Rest"

"At the Factory Before the Sun-Run Delivery"

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