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Saturday, August 24, 2013

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013: Warbird Nose Art Is Still Popular Attraction

Fred Harl and Carmelo Turdo
In any large gathering of aircraft, there will be a number of examples of what is traditionally known as "nose art," here loosely defined as a personalized emblem or nickname given to an aircraft and applied near the nose of the aircraft.  Finding examples of nose art at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013, with over 10,000 aircraft in attendance, was not difficult - it was more a matter of how many examples would be missed during the week.  Nose art is most common on warbirds, those former military aircraft that served during and somewhat after World War II, but it has become a phenomenon among general aviation and homebuilt aircraft as well in recent years.  The generally accepted first example of nose art, a sea monster painted on a 1913 Italian Flying Boat, started a tradition that proliferated during World War I and later World War II until the censors made the images of unclad women off limits (and therefore took the fun out of naming the aircraft).  The practice waned during peacetime and reemerged during wartime in Korea, Vietnam and the first Gulf War (until the censors decided that women and liquor were offensive at overseas bases located in countries the U.S. was defending).  Here we present some warbird examples by aircraft type:

B-17G "Yankee Lady"
B-24A "Diamond Lil" Left Side

B-24A "Diamond Lil" Right Side

B-25J "Betty's Dream"

PBJ-1J (U.S. Marine Corps B-25) "Devil Dog" 

B-25J "Georgie's Gal"

B-25J "Hot Gen"

B-25J "Lady Luck"

B-25J "Panchito"

B-29A "Fifi"
BT-13A "Playmate"
C-45 "Lady Lynn"

C-45 "Texas Dolls"

C-47 "The Duchess of Dakota" applied

C-47 "The Duchess of Dakota" completed

DC-3 with Original Douglas Aircraft logo

DC-3 "Duggy" complete with smile

DHC-1 Portugese AF 101 Squadron Insignia

FM-2 Wildcat Right Side

FM-2 Wildcat Left Side

HU-16 Coast Guard

IAR-823 "Hai Fetito!" (Romanian - "You Go Girl")

L-5 "Guinea Short Lines" Left Side

L-5 "My Sweet Shari" Right Side

L-39 "Phoenix"

L-39 "Race Glaze Simply the Best"

Lockheed 18-56 "We've Got Their Number..."

Lockheed 18-56 "We've Got Their Number..." Closeup
O-2 "Nine Lives My Ass!" Left Side

O-2 "Nine Lives My Ass!" Right Side

P-40 with Shark Mouth

P-40 with Tiger Head

P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll"

P-51D "Charlotte's Chariot II"

P-51D "Dakota Kid II/Long Island Kid"

P-51D "Gentleman Jim"

P-51D "Geraldine"

P-51D "Gunfighter"

P-51D "Lady Alice"

P-51D "Lil Margaret"

P-51D "Little Horse"

P-51D "Little Rebel"

P-51D "Lou IV"

P-51D "Old Crow"

P-51B "Old Crow"

P-51D "Paul I"

P-51D "Petie 2nd"

P-51D "Swamp Fox"

P-51D "Sweet and Lovely"

P-51D "Sweet Revenge"

P-51D "The Brat III"

P-51D "The Rebel"

P-51C "Tuskegee Airmen"

P-51D "Was That Too Fast"

PT-19 Shark Mouth

SF260 "Gina"

SF260 Shark Mouth

Spitfire "Grey Nurse"

T-6 "Anytime II"

T-6 Naval Aviation Centennial badge

T-6 "Dilly Dallier"

T-6 "Miss Susan"

T-6 "Mosquito"

T-6 Popeye

T-6 "SST Racing 87"
T-6 "The Purple Fox"

T-28 Mouth Left Side

T-28 Mouth Right Side

T-28 "Julie Clark's Top Banana In the West"

T-28 "Julie Clark's Top Banana In the West" Closeup

T-34B Shark Mouth

TBM-3E "Ida Red"

TBM-3E "VMTB-234"

U-17C "War Wagon"

UC-78C "Class of '43"

Yak-52TW "Fur Ball II"


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