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Monday, August 12, 2013

More Real-Life Crop Dusters: Keeping America's Crops Healthy Is Noble Work

By Mark Nankivil
Air Cover Crop Dusting is based at the Bowling Green Municipal Airport (KH19) located just north of Bowling Green, MO.  They use three Air Tractor manufactured aircraft (two AT-301 and one AT-401) for crop dusting in the area.  We were lucky enough to stop by as the AT-401 (N1544R) was coming back in to reload and refuel for another trip out to spray soybean fields not far from the airport. The sweet, smooth sound of the Pratt & Whitney R1340 as she taxied in and ticked over at idle while being reloaded and refueled was a wonderful sound.


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Tim said...

Just came in from taking some nice pictures of this aircraft as she worked over the tall corn. We are 30 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio