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Monday, December 2, 2013

Airshow Performer John Mohr Quietly Retires from Airshow Circuit

By Carmelo Turdo
Stearman pilot extraordinaire John Mohr, veteran of Midwest Airshows, is reportedly retiring from the airshow circuit.  Mohr, winner of the Bill Barber and ICAS Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Awards, has devoted 25 years to thrilling audiences and spreading the joy of aviation.  His ability to make his stock Stearman virtually defy the laws of physics are well-known to Fair St. Louis airshow and EAA AirVenture audiences in recent years.  The Aero Experience pays tribute to John Mohr with the following pictorial and video presentation from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2012 and several past Fair St. Louis airshows.    

By Fred Harl

1 comment:

Don MacMillan said...

I’ve been to Sun N Fun airshow every year for it’s forty years of existence.
This year was beautiful with great weather and some of the finest aviators doing great work,

But there was a big empty hole in the sky
which can never be filled by another.

John mohr was not there.

With great shock and sadness
I learned that he has quietly retired.

I won’t say that he was the only reason I went
and I’ll certainly continue to go.
But his performances were always a highlight among very brilliant stars.

I’m still a little sad, and shocked,
some things should last forever, right?

But mostly I’m glad and eternally grateful
that I was priviledged to watch a man
considered the very finest by the very finest,
"slip the surly bonds” and dance the heavens
as a God.

And take us all along with him.

Thank you John Mohr.