Thursday, December 5, 2013

Antique Airplane Association Celebrates Diamond Jubilee at Blakesburg Fly-In, Part Two

By Fred Harl
The Antique Aircraft Association celebrated its Silver Jubilee at this year's Blakesburg Fly-In August 28-September 2.  The Antique Aircraft Association, founded in 1953, now has over twenty chapters and maintains affiliations with many type clubs representing aircraft like those featured here.  The Airpower Museum gas also been established to preserve the heritage of the Golden Age of Aviation for current and future generations to appreciate.  The featured aircraft of the fly-in was the Luscombe, with emphasis on the 75th anniversary of the Model 8. The Luscombe 8, introduced in 1938, was powered by a 50hp Continental engine, used a tail skid and did not have brakes.  Soon thereafter, the Luscombe 8A with a 65hp Continental engine was the standard production model through 1948 (except during the war years).  The Luscombe 8C (the first Silvaire) and 8D came of age as competent trainers for Civilian Pilot Training Program contractors during World War II, and the post-war 8E and 8F models were evolutionary developments that sold a combined 1200 examples.  Many  Luscombe 8s were present at the fly-in, but there were many other types in attendance as well.  The Aero Experience was there on the ground and in the air, and bring to our audience an aero experience of this great Midwest aviation event.  

Our Friend Marvin Pitney of EAA 1424 Flies in Ed Lachendro's Piper Cub

Aeronca, American Champion and Aviat

Beechcraft and Bellanca


Cessna, Champion, Call-Air, Culver and Cygnet


DeHavilland, Ercoupe, Fairchild, Fleet, and Funk


Globe Swift, Great Lakes, Hatz, Howard, Meyers and Monocoupe 

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