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Monday, January 2, 2017

Spirits of St. Louis RC Flying Club Gathers for Annual Thrill of the Chill New Year's Day Event

By Carmelo Turdo
The Spirits of St. Louis RC Flying Club again gathered at their private flying park in St. Charles, MO for the annual New Year's Day flying activities - the 2017 Thrill of the Chill.  The first day of 2017 provided bright blue skies and just enough chill to make the coffee and Chili hit the spot.  Of course, the highlights for members and visitors like The Aero Experience were sharing "war stories," flying RC aircraft and working on projects that benefited from the collective wisdom of those in attendance.      

Members gathered early New Year's Day to set up the flying stations, food, and even provide some heat for the open pavilion.  More members arrived throughout the morning, and they showed their welcoming hospitality to all who gathered throughout the day.  We first met with second-year member Bob Welter, who was setting up his Sportsman aircraft.  He explained the workings of the plane and the controller, including the advanced features that provide for programmed settings for multiple aircraft.  Along with the variety of aircraft (including camera-carrying rotorcraft), comes greater responsibility in their operation and the growing importance of club membership.  "For anyone who wants to get into it [RC aircraft flying], this is the premier place to come," Welter told The Aero Experience.  "A lot of people are intimidated by coming to a club, but we are constantly looking for those who want to learn," he added.  Welter also mentioned that The Spirits of St. Louis RC Flying Club offers a free introductory flight and training available for those members of any skill level.  The 12-acre park and 600-foot runway offers an excellent environment for novices and experts alike.                   

Other members flew throughout the morning of our visit, and the aircraft flown ranged from conventional Cessna look-alikes, T-28 and Hellcat warbirds, virtual-reality quadcopters and even a taxi test of a ducted fan-powered F-15 Eagle!    

The Aero Experience thanks the Spirits of St. Louis RC Flying Club for their hospitality during our visit.  For more information, please visit their website and become a member.  The next club meeting is January 11, and the next flying event is the first 2017 Indoor Fly-In, January 14.

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