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Friday, May 18, 2018

Elite Speaker Series Features FAA Safety Seminar - 7 Deadly Sins of Aviation

By Carmelo Turdo
Elite Aviation held the May Elite Speaker Series event Thursday in their pilot training and maintenance facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport. The program topic, "7 Deadly Sins of Aviation,” was presented by FAA Safety Team (FAAST) Program Manager Phil Dixon. The interactive session included a thematic review of seven common human-element causes of aircraft accidents, with a discussion of numerous case studies illustrating the unfortunate effects of these characteristics:

Hubris, Denial, Panic, Haste, Anger, Laziness and Miserliness.

The presentation, initially developed by former FAAST Program Manager Fred Harms, translates the 7 Deadly Sins from the 16th Century writings of Pope Gregory I – Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed and Sloth. The same negative behaviors that influence everyday activities also affect aviating today, with tragic results. Dixon emphasized practical ways to anticipate and overcome the onset of these common influences that distract our full attention from the safe operation of our aircraft. 

This event was part of the Elite Speaker Series held monthly at Elite Aviation. The speaker series features FAAST programs as well as presentations by prominent aviators and aviation industry representatives. Elite Aviation invites current pilots and anyone interested in flying to attend these events and check out their late-model aircraft fleet.

About Elite Aviation 

Cessna Pilot Center Flight Training Program

Elite Aviation, an authorized Cessna Pilot Center, offers the most comprehensive flight training program in the St. Louis area while providing a personalized approach to learning that brings maximum effectiveness to the student. From the outset, a student and certified flight instructor work together to design a training plan that provides regular interaction along the path to obtaining a Private Pilot or higher level certificate or rating. The flight instruction curriculum and progress checks are standardized, using Cessna Flight Training System on-line interactive learning along with additional materials recommended by the flight  instructors themselves. At all points along the training program, flight instructors integrate a variety of training tools and methods including: one-on-one ground school tutoring; flight training in late model Cessna Skyhawk aircraft using conventional and G1000 instrumentation; simulator training in the Elite RC1 and full-motion Redbird MCX programmable flight simulators; and progress checks with other flight instructors who provide a new perspective on the level of progress achieved by the student-flight instructor team.

Another convenient service provided by Elite Aviation is FAA exam administration. Elite Aviation is a PSI Computer Aided Testing Service test center for airman, A&P mechanic and the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Drone Knowledge Test exams. Contact Elite Aviation for availability.

Flight training is a continuous process, building on the skills and knowledge demonstrated at each level of achievement. Recurrent, instrument and complex aircraft training is available using the Elite Aviation fleet of Cessna 172 Skyhawks, flight simulators and the newly-arrived Piper Turbo Saratoga. Multi-engine training is available using the flight simulators, and it will also soon be available in a fleet aircraft. Elite Aviation is ready to provide your flight training solution.

The Elite Aviation fleet is also available for rental, and the aircraft are cared for by the Elite Aircraft Maintenance Service team. Contact Elite Aviation for availability.

Elite Aircraft Maintenance Service

Elite Aviation provides comprehensive maintenance services for piston-engine aircraft at their Spirit of St. Louis Airport facility. The Elite service team performs and coordinates the work needed for inspections, airframe and powerplant repair, engine overhaul, avionics and ADS-B upgrades, oxygen service and preventive/seasonal maintenance so important for safe and legal operation of aircraft. Elite Aviation's experienced maintenance staff provides a higher-level of service that emphasizes quality-control and a "Done right, the first time" philosophy. The customer relationship is of the utmost importance, and Elite Aviation stands behind the quality of their maintenance services. Elite Aviation can also assist in the acquisition and processing of your next aircraft purchase, including the pre-buy inspection. Contact Elite Aviation for availability.

Serving the Community

Elite Aviation provides high-quality flight training, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance, and other aviation support services as mentioned above. They also serve the aviation community and the public regularly by supporting youth and professional development programs in cooperation with other like-minded organizations. Elite Aviation has hosted the flight portion of youth summer camps sponsored by the St. Louis Science Center, fantasy flights for critically ill children, and a food drive for Circle of Concern Food Pantry. Recently, Elite Aviation hosted ground handling training for A&P mechanic candidates from Southwestern Illinois College. The monthly Elite Speaker Series features interactive presentations on aviation topics in cooperation with the local FAA Flight Standards District Office and featuring local aviation subject experts from the public and private sectors. Elite Aviation was a major sponsor of the recent Super Safety Seminar weekend event held at St. Louis University.

The next Elite Speaker Series event, “Career Opportunities in Aviation,” will be held June 14 at the Elite Aviation facility at Spirit of St. Louis Airport.

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