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Friday, June 14, 2019

The Aero Experience Week in Review: Airshow Pilot Prepares for Next Event, A World War II Veteran C-47 Departs for a New Life and a Sneak Peek at the Month in General (and More!) Aviation

By Carmelo Turdo
The Aero Experience is back from a short break from time on location gathering more coverage of Midwest Aviation activity for future stories. We have had a very busy May and the first half of June, and the rest of the year looks to be even more exciting. Check out the posts from earlier in the year if you haven't already, and keep coming back regularly so we can celebrate Midwest Aviation together!

Today we have a review of our upcoming stories, beginning with a session with Pitts S-1GT aerobatic pilot Patrick McAlee. We visited with him at Washington, MO Regional Airport for a photo session, a sample of which is included below. Check out the Patrick McAlee Airshows-ExtremeFlight website for more about Patrick and his 2019 schedule.  


Another story we are preparing involves the acquisition of a World War II veteran Douglas C-47B 43-48719, civil registered DC-3C N68CW, by Basler Turbo Conversions in Oshkosh, WI. The aircraft,  seen on the West Apron at St. Louis Downtown Airport for decades, was disassembled and trucked out this week. It will eventually be totally restored and modified to the BT-67 turboprop standard. More on the history of this warbird can be found in our three-part series from January of 2018. We will have complete coverage of the preparations for transport coming soon on The Aero Experience.

We already have a great selection of general aviation and other aircraft seen at Midwest airports to be featured in our end-of-the-month review post. Here is just a sample of what we will include at the end of June:


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