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Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Airpower Over the Midwest" Airshow at Scott AFB Soars Despite Cloudy Weather

By Carmelo Turdo
"Airpower Over the Midwest" at Scott AFB offered today's audience a view of modern American air power in the air and on the flightline.  Although the number of exhibits at this year's event was less than usual, and the skies over southwestern Illinois were overcast much of the day, there were some new aircraft on the ramp today.  Warbirds, including the Berlin Airlift C-54, AC-47 (converted DC-3) Spooky gunship, EA-1E Skyraider, B-25J Mitchell, TBM Avenger and Aeronca 65-TAC Defender were available for public tours.  Additionally, 2 F-16Cs from the Alabama Air National Guardand a C-130H from Little Rock, Arkansas were also on hand.  Various exhibits were provided for the enjoyment and education of the crowds, including the BD-5 Microjet from the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum and Stealth Fighter for Kids, a 1/3 F-117 Stealth Fighter mockup designed to provide photo opportunities for young children.  Here are some scenes from today's event:

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