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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cape Girardeau Regional Airport Fly-In Is High-Flying Family Fun

By Leo Cachat
It was a beautiful day for the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport fly-in and fun day. The weather was very pleasant, although windy at times, which held down the number of fly-in aircraft.  There were enough there to be enjoyed by the good number of people who attended this free event. A variety of aircraft attended the fly-in, including: a PT-17 Stearman, WACO biplane, Pitts S-1, Cessna Citation, MO State Patrol Helicopter, U.S. Army UH-60 Blackawk helicopter, Bell 412 helicopter, 2 Southern Illinois University Cessna 172's, Ercoupes, Cessna 320C, Radial Rocket, Air Tractor, Aeronca 7BCM, Piper Cirrus 5000, a couple J-3 Cubs, Air Evac Life Team, Twin Rivers emergency air lift helicopter, DC-3, MD-500 helicopter, King Air, Robinson R-22 & R-44 helicopters providing rides and two Autogyros who were also providing rides for a fee.

A flour drop was held, and three aircraft performed drops: a Cessna 172, SIU's Cessna 172 and an Ercoupe. The pilots showed great skill as they had to fight the wind to stay in line for the drops, which were all very close to the target on the ground.

The Scott County Fire District and Scott County Ambulance District performed a mock accident extraction and airlift from a vehicle on site for the demonstration. They explained the use of the jaws of life and used them to enter the vehicle, extract the victim, stabilize him and load him into the helicopter for the flight to the hospital. This was followed by a K-9 demo by the MO Highway Patrol.

Drawings were also held throughout the day for attendance prizes, capped off by the giveaway of a 32" flat screen TV.   

All things considered this was a very successful, family friendly event.  Special thanks to Cape Girardeau Regional Airport management for a job well done!

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