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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Air Force Jet Aces Take Their RV-8 Aircraft Aerobatic Acts to Fair St. Louis

The Fair St. Louis Airshow featured a unique team of U.S. Air Force veterans flying their homebuilt Vans RV-8s separately and together over St. Louis.  Heritage Flight pilots Jerry "Jive" Kerby and Joe "Rifle" Shetterly traded in their jets for homebuilts and gave an outstanding demonstration of precision aerobatics.  

Ltc. Kerby retired from the U.S. Air Force in 2006 as Commander of the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron, and was the first F-4 Phantom II Heritage Flight pilot. The F-4 Heritage Flight Program that we enjoy today (minus the current sequestration period) is the result of Kerby's efforts.  Since his retirement, he has performed aerobatics in numerous aircraft types, and remains the only civilian certified flight instructor in the F-4 Phantom II, which he still flies for the Collings Foundation.   

Captain Joe Shetterly is currently an A-10 Thunderbolt II Instructor Pilot with civilian commercial pilot ratings.  After serving in combat during Operation Enduring Freedom, he returned to become the A-10 West Demonstration Pilot and performed in airshows throughout the country.  Captain Shetterly flies an RV-8 built by the Late Eugene Gaddis, who flew many types of U.S. Air Force jets, including the A-10.  

The Aero Experience Team was privileged to interact regularly with Kerby and Shetterly during the Fair St. Louis Airshow week, and we greatly appreciate their willingness to visit with us between flights.  Here are some views from the ramp and the airshow at St. Louis Downtown Airport:


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