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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rainy Day During EAA's B-17 Visit Brings Reflections on Historic Mission

By Leo Cachat
 On July 2nd, Aluminum Overcast's second day in St. Louis, The Aero Experience converged on the Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum in full force to view this great old warrior and document her visit through our lenses. Although our spirits were high the clouds hung low and rain was the order of the day. This kept the great venerable bomber from being airborne and kept the crowds away for the day. This however could not keep me away from the old girl, so with raincoat on and camera covering in place, I headed out to the inviting, lonely bomber on the tarmac. Some of the crew and volunteers helping with the visit acted as though I may be a little crazy, but that didn't deter me.

The rain set the mood for a walk back in time, and the quietness allowed you to think about what it might have been like in 1943 in England as these beautiful birds endured weather like this as they valiantly took on the Axis forces to combat evil and tyranny. It also allowed for unobstructed views as people were not a factor on such a raw day. Overall, it provided for unique opportunities to get shots you couldn't get on a bright sunny day and made it well worth getting a little wet. 
I'd like to thank the crew for being as kind and patient as they were with us as we were there every day of Aluminum Overcast's visit to the great city of St. Louis. Please support them if they come to your town - it's not easy keep such history flying.


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