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Sunday, September 29, 2013

St. Louis Regional Airport Fly-In Brings Host of Aircraft and Surprise Visit by Canadian Forces Snowbirds Pilots

By Leo Cachat
The Aero Experience was once again privileged to be on site for the annual St. Louis Regional Airport Fly In and Car Show.  Mark Nankivil and Leo Cachat were on the ramp covering the day's activities - and what a busy day it was. The ramp was filled with aircraft of the past like the Stearman (five on hand), the T-6 Texan from Smartt Field, a Nanchang CJ-6, a T-34 Mentor, a Navion, a SF-260, several RV's, a Lancair, and other general aviation aircraft. The car show had well over 100 beautifully restored cars, and some that were not but interesting all the same.
By Mark Nankivil
The shock of the day took place as Leo was leaving for the drive back to his home in Bonne Terre, MO.  As he was ready to make his turn south onto I-255 off of route 111 something caught his eye.  It was such a surprise he had to confirm it with his wife, who was along to take in the festivities. He looked up to see one of the Canadian Forces Snowbirds' CT-114 Tutor aircraft in a hard right bank with smoke on.  Just the day before, he and fellow The Aero Experience contributor Fred Harl made the trip down to Millington, TN to cover the Memphis Airshow where the Snowbirds were performing.  (That will be posted at the beginning of this week.)  At that particular time, a U-turn was made, and it was back to the airport to catch this event.

The Snowbirds pilots explained that they were getting some parts to take to Memphis for the team, for which they will be flying as well next year after they complete their training this off-season. They also stated they needed fuel and saw the event from the air.  They then decided that this would be a fun place to stop.  That's exactly what they did, and everyone on the ramp could not have been more grateful. They talked with the crowd and even stayed to have a bite to eat.  These men were a class act, and really were great ambassadors for the Canadian Forces.  We at The Aero Experience look forward to their return next May when they will perform at airshows in Cape Girardeau and Columbia, MO.
We would also like to thank the staff at the St. Louis Regional Airport for putting on such a great event again this year and for allowing us the access to cover this event from various viewpoints.  We hope more of the public will attend next year's event, and create their own Aero Experience.
Here are some views of the Saturday Fly-In, including the visit from the Canadian Forces Snowbirds Tutor aircraft.
The ramp was filled with all types of aircraft:

General Aviation aircraft were plentiful on the ramp:

Homebuilts and Light Sport aircraft were also popular:

Warbirds are always crowd pleasers:

Canadian Forces Snowbirds Team aircraft visits the Fly-In:


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