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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Legendary NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz Celebrates Early Moon Landing Anniversary with Model Rocket Launches, Public Presentation

By Carmelo Turdo
Legendary NASA Flight Director Gene Kranz spent much of his day today participating in a model rocket endurance competition and giving a public presentation at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium of the St. Louis Science Center.  Following the morning commencement ceremony at St. Louis University, Kranz arrived at the St. Louis Rocketry Association's Precision Duration Rocket Competition being held at the nearby Central Field.  A group of Cub Scouts launched their rockets in pursuit of the perfect 30-second flight.  Meanwhile, local aerospace support groups greeted guests with informative displays in the planetarium lobby.  Following lunch, Gene Kranz gave his presentation, "Failure Is Not an Option," and stayed a short while to sign autographs and take pictures with guests.  The Aero Experience was privileged to accompany Gene Kranz during day four of his visit to St. Louis, and present this pictorial review of the day:

Cub Scouts Participate in a Precision Duration Rocket Competition

St. Louis Rocketry Society's David Kovar Launches Saturn V Rocket

James S. McDonnell Planetarium Hosts Local Aerospace Group Displays

Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum

Space Museum at Bonne Terre, MO and National Space Society

Parks College of St. Louis University
Astronaut Gordon Cooper's Mercury Spacecraft Suit

Gemini and Mercury Spacecraft and Astronaut Schirra's Couch 

Gemini Spacecraft 3A, Unflown Test Vehicle

Mercury Spacecraft No.19, Astronaut Schirra's Backup Vehicle
Gene Kranz Speaks to Visitors at the James S. McDonnell Planetarium


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