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Monday, October 12, 2015

Celebrate Midwest Aviation at the Fly Now! The Movie Premiere October 17

By Carmelo Turdo much-anticipated premiere of the Reality Aviation Documentary Fly Now! The Movie will take place at the St. Louis Hi-Pointe Theater this Saturday, October 17.  The film chronicles the adventures of aviators from around the country as the movie crew and their trusty homebuilt Pietenpol aircraft travel from St. Louis to Lakeland, FL, Oshkosh, WI and many places in between.  After much hard work, the self-funded, independent film will get its wings this Saturday in front of a home-town audience.     

Fly Now! The Movie Director Jeff Wilson and Executive Producer Brian Kissinger have also been active promoting the spirit of grass-roots aviation through a series of podcasts featuring local aviation personalities, including The Aero Experience Founder Carmelo Turdo.  The Aero Experience team has been active promoting the Fly Now! concept throughout the year with feature stories, photography services and coordination of support from the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum.  The Aero Experience will continue to participate in Fly Now! projects that will be introduced in the near future. 

The Aero Experience team hopes to see you at the Fly Now! The Movie premier on Saturday.  Until then, listen to the podcasts and check out these scenes from the movie production:


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