Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The Aero Experience Continues Into Second Decade of Promoting Midwest Aviation

The Aero Experience continues into our second decade of promoting Midwest Aviation, and we look forward to more fun and flying as we spread the love of aviation far and wide over the horizon. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue working with the great Midwest Aviation community, and we strive to engage an ever-expanding general audience with our media presentations. We are grateful for the support from our sponsors and partners across the region, and we continue to look for cooperative ventures that will enhance our effectiveness. 

Carmelo Turdo
What is The Aero Experience? 
The Aero Experience is a celebration of Midwest Aviation and aerospace achievement. We believe that aviation is best appreciated through direct experience, and so we encourage everyone, especially general audiences, to participate in the many aviation activities available in the region. The Aero Experience supports organizations and events that enhance the capability and effectiveness of Midwest Aviation, and we partner with our sponsors and advertisers to strengthen the Midwest Aviation business climate. The results of our work are posted regularly on our website, The Aero Experience blog.

Sponsored and Joint Activities:
The Aero Experience promotes and participates in the activities of our sponsor partners, including Elite Aviation, Big River AviationWings of HopeGateway Flight TrainingPiston AviationJetValues JeremyGateway Jets, the Missouri Wing of the CAF, and our legacy sponsor Air Associates. We are also a team sponsor of Patrick McAlee Airshows – ExtremeFlight and the Gateway Youth Aeronautical FoundationSponsor partners receive advertising space, priority coverage of events, promotion of their products and services and other value-added services. 

The Aero Experience also participates in, or co-sponsors, events and programs produced by other organizations through advanced promotion, media support, research materials, guest speakers and other assistance beyond general media coverage.

Media Coverage of Aviation News, Events and Features:
Mark Nankivil
The Aero Experience provides coverage of Midwest Aviation activities and publishes feature stories of interest to the aviation community and general audiences. Our coverage may include individual or corporate profiles, STEM education programs, association meetings, seminars, trade shows, conventions, open houses, airshows and fly-ins, historic occasions and countless other opportunities to promote the positive aspects of Midwest Aviation. The Aero Experience encourages our audience to pursue similar aero experiences.

Media Contributions to Other Media Publications:
Media and aviation news coverage from The Aero Experience have appeared in other local, regional, national and international media publications and video productions, increasing our ability to promote Midwest Aviation. Media related to topics requested by sponsors, event organizers, researchers and other media publications are provided with sourcing to The Aero Experience.

The Aero Experience thanks everyone who has worked with us in the past to promote Midwest Aviation, and we look forward to an even more successful decade to come. Please consider supporting our work through sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and contact us regarding Midwest Aviation events and interesting people we should feature in our coverage! 

Fred Harl
Testimonials for The Aero Experience:
"Air Associates of Missouri and Air Associates of Kansas are proud to sponsor The Aero Experience at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 - 2016."  Air Associates

"Prompt, thorough and polite, Carmelo is a delight to work with. He is a motivated self-starter with a passion for learning new ways to succeed in today's marketplace. I look forward to watching his next projects unfold." Bronwyn Voth, Owner of Bronwyn Voth Digital Marketing Communications

"Gateway Jets and I pass on a Sincere Thank You to Carmelo and The Aero Experience for some great company and outstanding coverage of our expansion and open house. The pictures look phenomenal, and the 3-part series covers our operations and philosophy perfectly."  Corey Tomczak, President of Gateway Jets

"St. Louis is a great aviation town with a rich history. I feel that there are a vast amount of activities missed because the word didn't get out, which is why I am very thankful to The Aero Experience team for their efforts to promote Midwest aviation. I like to joke that I can't afford a nice camera, so I have to take Carmelo with me. The truth is, I like Carmelo and what The Aero Experience does for the aviation community." 
Paul Voorhees, Owner of Big River Aviation

"Carmelo really has a talent of capturing cool pics. We are lucky to have him in our area!" Bob Hamilton, Pitts Special Competition Pilot

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