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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Fair St. Louis Air Show 2014 - Gone But Not Forgotten - Part Three: More Aerobatic Performers

By Leo Cachat
The 2013 Fair St. Louis Airshow had other great aerobatic performers from around the country. We'll start off with a relative newcomer Kevin Coleman. Although he hadn't flown at any of the shows I had attended in 2013, after looking at his biography, I learned he is a very accomplished pilot.  He  showed his aerobatic flying ability to the crowds under the Arch and at the St. Louis Downtown Airport to children with special needs as they gathered for a show just for them on July 6th.

John Klatt  flew his high octane routine to the delight of everyone. His dark blue Extra tumbled through the bright blue sky above St. Louis showing everyone why he's a world class aerobatic performer.


Patty Wagstaff had her beautiful black, orange and yellow Extra flying through the air only as she can, flying inside loops, outside loops and even a rolling 360 degree horizontal loop. It was really a pleasure to see her do her thing in the St. Louis area again.  

Bob Carlton flew his unique jet Super Salto sailplane gracefully as he performed for the crowds gathered both at the Arch and at the airport. The beautiful looping maneuvers he performed with smoke billowing from the wingtips was quite a change from the power aerobatics of the performers mentioned above, but no less impressive.

Thank you to the above mentioned performers for doing what they do and we look forward to seeing them at future shows. Well done and fly safe.

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